Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Timeless Help with your Family

Elizabeth Prentiss was born in 1818 and died in 1878. She is best known for her hymn, "More Love to Thee". A few weeks ago, I ran across a book she had written about an aged mother of many children who had become so known for her expertise in raising children that she was sought after for guidance in that area. This book, The Home at Greylock, was published in 1876, two years before Mrs. Prentiss died.

The Home at Greylock is a fascinating story because it contains timeless truths regarding child rearing, an area in which, despite availability of titles galore, is lacking greatly. The reason I say it is lacking? You can visit any bookstore or online seller and bring up scores of self-help and parenting books, but very few of them address the core issue of the family - Jesus Christ. This book puts Him smack dab in the center of the family, which is right where He rightfully belongs.

After Mrs. Grey visits a young family at their request, in order to find their parental problems out and give her advice, Mrs. Prentiss continues the story:

The unhappy parents began to feel their burden lightened.

"Then, you think there is hope for our poor boy?" they asked.

"I know there is just as long as you enclose him in your prayers. He will be as safe as an insect in a piece of amber."

"But the insect is dead."

"Yes, but how much better hath God made a human soul that cannot die?"

If you are struggling with your own charge of raising a family, perhaps you might like to get counsel from Elizabeth Prentiss after you first read the Bible. You might also enjoy listening to "More Love to Thee", below.

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Secondary Roads said...

It's been a long time since I've sung that hymn, which used to be a favorite. That is a most interesting story of a wonderful life well lived.