Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - November 11

Happy Veterans Day to all of our nation's past and present military. My dad served in the U. S. Navy and his father was in the U. S. Army. I am proud of them both! I am also proud of the many who have put their lives on the line so that we (and our children and their children, ...) might enjoy freedom. Without them, we would not be the great nation that we have been - and I pray, we might continue to be.

I am afraid sickness might be creeping into our house tonight. My daughter has a bad headache and is coughing. My oldest son had strep throat last week and came for a visit without knowing he had it. I am SO praying nobody here is getting it. I am doing up a haphazardly prepared menu plan. Here it is:


Chicken Noodle Soup
Biscuits and honey

for the gluten-free vegans: 
Gluten-free garlic toast


Mashed potatoes 

for the gluten-free vegans:
Re-fried beans & Spanish rice (and lots of salsa)


Roasted root vegetables
Cheap steaks 
Baked potatoes
Canned peaches


Pizza & pop


Cheesy chicken and rice

for the gluten-free vegans:


On Your own

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