Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review - Forgiveness by Matthew West

You all know who Matthew West is, don't you? Or maybe Karen Kingsbury? A devotional book written by Matthew West with a foreword by Karen Kingsbury has to be good, and it is. Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible is published by Thomas Nelson.

I have had times in my life when others have done things to me that shouldn't have been done. I have had times when others have hurt me deeply and didn't blink an eye. I have also had times when I have hurt myself - and have not wanted to forgive myself. And let's not forget the times that I have hurt someone else and have had to go back and ask them to forgive me. Even going beyond all of that hurt and need for forgiveness comes the love and forgiveness that is too great to even fathom - the forgiveness that God extends.

I think that the part of forgiveness that I need to practice is learning how to forgive myself. I have found that, when I was young, I thought I could do no wrong. As I grew older, I found I made mistakes but I didn't think that they were so important. I am now to the age that I find I make mistakes and I KNOW that they are sometimes my fault. Although I go to the person I have wronged and beg forgiveness, and although I ask God to forgive me - and I KNOW that He forgives me - I remember those mistakes and cannot seem to extend that forgiveness I so easily give to others to myself. The section in Forgiveness that speaks to me is this section on forgiving myself. Perhaps another section will mean more to you.

Matthew West has written a sensitive and timely book on this subject that touches on all of those different aspects of forgiveness. I enjoyed reading his thoughts and his bare honesty in this book that will make a wonderful gift this Christmas. I need to read this and read this and read this.

*I received a copy of Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible in exchange for my honest review.*

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This sounds like a must read!