Friday, August 02, 2013

Book Review - Chasing Francis by Ian Morgan Cron

Chasing Francis is written by Ian Morgan Cron and is published by Zondervan.

Have you ever known someone who was strong in the faith and then, quite suddenly, seemed to lose it all right in front of your eyes? That's what happened to Pastor Chase Falson in Chasing Francis. In this story, Chase is a pastor of a large northeastern church that he started himself, against all odds. At some point, he finds that he begins to question what he believes. When tragedy occurs, his faith crashes - right in front of his congregation.

The result of this crash? A pilgrim's journey to Italy to find the elusive St. Francis of Assisi. His tour guide, and Franciscan priest, Uncle Kenny takes Chase on one wild ride to learn what faith is really all about.

If you want to read an immensely interesting novel that reads like a memoir, read Chasing Francis. I loved every moment of it. At times I felt as if I were reading a travel guide. At other times, I felt as if I were reading the author's personal experiences. And then there were the times that I was taught history lessons. On top of all that, I simply enjoyed the story.

*I received a copy of Chasing Francis in exchange for my honest opinion. Opinions expressed are my own.*

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