Monday, July 01, 2013

Book Review - Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

Unveiling Grace is written by Lynn K. Wilder and is published by Zondervan.

Lynn K. Wilder and her husband were Mormon converts who, in their quest for spiritual truth, rejected the Christianity of their upbringing. They lived and breathed Mormonism. They believed everything that the church told them. Then their world came crashing down. Their son, whom, along with his brother and sister, had been raised in the Wilder's "forever family", took it down. Well, maybe not him, but God instead.

If you have ever wondered what Mormons believe and how they live, you will want to read this book. I learned things that I never knew from someone who "walked the walk and talked the talk". Mrs. Wilder knows what she is talking about, and she does it respectfully. Once you read the truth about the church from a former insider, you will understand a little more about how Mormons think and believe. You will, hopefully, be better able to witness to these lost people.

Given that Mitt Romney, former challenger for the presidency of the United States, is a Mormon, you might find that you know little about the faith that he professes. Yet you're curious. Get this book.

Unveiling Grace is a well-written book that I think you will find not only enjoyable to read, but enlightening as well.

*I received a copy of Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church in exchange for my honest opinion. Opinion expressed is my own.*

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