Monday, June 03, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - June 3

Okay, so we had a bit of spring/summery weather and already it's cold here - highs just reaching the high 40 degree mark. Ugh! I planted my garden this weekend and am now nearly salivating over the thought of fresh vegetables cultivated without any use of pesticides or GMOs. At the rate we're going, I won't be able to enjoy any of that for quite a while.

Speaking of gardening, sometime around the past Good Friday, I started some tiny heirloom tomato plants. They were doing well until my youngest son became ill. He has since had four hospital stays and numerous emergency department visits. Because I was in and out of the hospital with him, my tomato plants did not get regularly watered. Guess what happens to little tomato plants when they don't get drinks?

Well, the plants were small and not so great looking by the time I got them in the ground. Already, 5 plants have died. The rest look as if they'll make it, but they're going to struggle for a while. To be on the safe side, I purchased a few heirloom plants from the local gardening shop. Those plants look nice, but their price tag was high. I also purchased and planted four tomatillo plants, which I can't wait to watch grow so that I can use their fruits for salsa verde!

Here's our plan for the week's menu:


Potatoes & Carrots


Mashed Potatoes
Stir-fried Vegetables


Roast Beef and Rice
Sugar Snap Peas


Beans and Rice
Chips and Salsa


Pizza and Pop




On Your Own

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