Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday - April 11

It's been a while since I've posted a Thankful Thursday post. I'm not doing so today simply because I'm just boiling over with gratitude and that everything is just fine and rosy in my neck of the woods. Actually, things are very difficult for me right now and I'm NOT feeling thankful at all.

But the Bible says that we are to be thankful in all things. That means ALL things. So that means I must CHOOSE to cloak myself with a spirit of gratitude and praise for the One who loves me more than I can ever love Him. I must CHOOSE to shrug off the heavy curtain of despair that threatens to overwhelm my soul and steal my joy.

So, this week I am thankful for:

  • My house - Though we have a big mold issue and though the insurance company refuses to cover it, I still have a roof over my head and over the heads of my family. We are not out in the snow and cold. Though the hot water heater won't work and we don't know what to do, we can still boil water on the stove to provide hot water. No, it's not convenient. Yes, we have it better than a lot of other people. We will survive.

  • The beauty of northern Michigan - Though I literally hate the snow and the cold still with us in April, I still live in one of the most beautiful spots in the United States. Our house is right on the edge of a gorgeous state forest that we are free to enjoy at any time. Mushroom season is nearly upon us and we will be having a blast hiking and trying to spot morels.

  • My family - My brother and his children came for a visit last week. I had such a good time with them that it was hard to see them go. I am so thankful for my family, those who live with me and those who don't. There's nothing quite like the bonds of family.

  • My friends - Many of my friends are to me what my family is to me. I have to admit that the lines are a little fuzzy. My closest friends pray for me and uplift my spirits when they let me know how much they care. Often, they will physically do for me what I can't - their prayers spur them to action. They practice Christianity rather than speak it. I love that and I make them examples to follow.

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on my life. May I never take them for granted.


Pia said...

very basic things to be grateful for but those basic ones are the most important things a lot of people tend to overlook. great list of thankfuls. thanks for sharing. God bless!

Kathleen said...

You are thankful for things many take for granted. That is wonderful. Bless You!

bp said...

Thanks for sharing your thankfulness. May God bless you!

LaughingLady said...

Oh, it's so hard to FEEL blessed sometimes, isn't it?! And yet, when we take stock, we are forced to realize we really are! Thank you for sharing out of your struggle. Your determination to look on the bright side and highlight the blessings will stand you in good stead.

May you continue to look up and seek His face as you resist despair and continue to hope with perseverance.