Thursday, December 06, 2012

Easy to Knit Book Bag

I have been knitting simple projects while watching TV with my son, Ryan. He loves those music competitions (X-Factor and The Voice), so I watch with him while trying to avoid wasting time. I simply can't stand to just sit around watching TV or movies because, in the end, I have done nothing positive with my time.

This book bag (can also be a gym bag, etc.) is knit with two strands of acrylic/cotton blend. I just made two equal sized rectangles. Then, I again used double strands to knit the ends/top edging, and handles. It's an easy project. The best thing about hand knit bags like these is that they can be washed in the washer and thrown into the dryer. Just don't use hot settings if you have wool in the yarn.

This particular bag is a gift for one of my nieces.

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