Monday, October 29, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - October 29

Take a moment to think - really think - about the food that you stuff into your mouth every meal, every day. Do you realize that it might not really be "food"? That's a question that I've been asking myself since I first began to realize that my health was suffering from the way I had been eating for so many years.

First off, I found out that eating gluten was literally killing me. My gall bladder was the first to go bad but leaving me suffering for seven years before the doctors I visited (and paid heavily) noticed that it was stretched three times the normal size because of the enormous amount of gall stones held within. Prior to that revelation, they accused me of having "nerve problems" and needing a tranquilizer. Now, mind you, I had never really eaten a high fat diet, just one that included lots and lots of gluten. If you research the connection between gall bladder disease and gluten sensitivities (including Celiac's Disease), you might be quite surprised at what you find.

Later, this naturally skinny person started gaining pounds and pounds, struggling with my weight but not getting anywhere with all of the diet programs I tried. Finally, I threw my hands up in the air and proclaimed that I would be healthy by eating "God's way." In normal lay terms, that means food as natural as I could get it. I did that and literally shed pounds overnight. I am now a trim 104 pounds (don't panic - I'm only 5 feet tall!) and feel healthier than I've felt since I was 18.

Now, to get back to food really being food, I have to say that finding out what foods were making me sick (gluten and garbanzo beans) and eliminating them from my diet was huge. Then, taking the vast array of stuff that was left, I began eating whole foods - foods that are the way they are found in nature as much and as often as possible. I had to turn my nose almost any canned or boxed good. No more processed foods for me! Fresh veggies (frozen or home canned in the winter), fresh fruits (again, frozen and home canned are other good options), nuts, seeds and seed sprouts, and sometimes gluten-free breads are my staples. I buy foods organic when I can and soak them in salt water for a time before eating when I can't (always rinsing well after the soaking). Yes, I splurge on coffee and stuff like that now and again.

Processed foods aren't really food. Even home processed items like heavily sweetened desserts and homemade meals made with lots of canned soups, etc. are questionable. Genetically modified junk is definitely not really food.

Before sharing my meal plan, I want to share with you an organic, gluten-free corn pasta I tried today. It is free of GMOs and is low on the glycemic index. It is SamMills Pasta d'oro, 100% corn pasta. I used rigatoni and wow, is it good with some chunky pasta sauce over the top. It reminded me of the rigatoni my mom used to make, only this one doesn't have wheat flour in it to make me sick. The price at Wal-mart was very good too, if I remember correctly.

Now, for the menu plan:


Beef Goulash
Side Salads


BBQ Pork Riblets
Fried Potatoes


Macaroni & Cheese with Sausage
Cheesy Califlower

Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Garden Salads


Pizza & Pop

Side Salads


On Your Own

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