Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - October 15

This last weekend was a busy one for me. On Saturday, I went to a swap meet with my husband, daughter, and oldest son. It was interesting, but not enough to keep me happy for a whole day. If you have never attended a swap meet, let me explain what it is. People from all over bring animals they would like to sell (or swap) to a designated area. Saturday's meet was held in a Family Farm & Home parking lot in Newaygo, Michigan. Because the weather was particularly dismal (lots of rain and cold air), not many people showed up. We had a few birds to sell but failed to sell them. However, my husband, ingenious as he is, found someone with whom to swap. Yes, we brought home birds, albeit different ones than those with which we started out the day.

This week's menu includes a bird - a chicken. No, we did not swap chickens.


Tossed Salads


Amanda's 11th Birthday
Pizza - the frozen ones that taste like cardboard
Garlic Bread
Cake & Ice-cream


Baked Squash
Baked Beans - slow cooked
Pork Chops


Baked Chicken - whole and basted in butter
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans


Pizza & Pop (homemade this time)


Sloppy Joes
French Fries


On Your Own

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