Monday, October 29, 2012

Book Review - The Booby Trap by Anne Browning Walker

The Booby Trap is written by Anne Browning Walker and published by Pixel Entertainment.

The Booby Trap is a what I would term a bar in Massachusetts filled with lots of trashiness. Bambi Benson is a student at Harvard, researching the waitresses at the Booby Trap. She goes undercover and becomes "one of them." She thinks everything is going as planned until Trip Whitley enters her world.

Trip isn't on the up and up either, for he bribes Bambi to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to ruffle his family a bit. As this would fit in well with her dissertation research, Bambi goes along with this plan simply to bring Trip to his knees and admit that he can't judge by appearances - once she reveals who she really is. The problem is, she might actually be falling in love with him, foiling her neat little plan.

Anne Browning Walker wrote The Booby Trap primarily for her closest friends, wanting to paint a picture of how "smart, savvy, thoughtful, and driven" they are. She says, "Bambi is a modern-day hero who values ambition and success in her own career, and also makes time for love."

As a librarian, I know firsthand how many smart career women still read romance novels. I am floored at how many of them also admit that while they read them, they also hide the covers from prying standers-by. Why is that? Perhaps they want to have their guilty pleasures without the "guilt" that others might place upon them.

The modern woman continues to enjoy romance in real life. I know that a bouquet of flowers, a nice dinner out, even a romantic weekend out of town with my husband speaks volumes to my heart. Romance makes a woman feel loved. But we've all learned not to trust our feelings, haven't we? As Christian women, we should know that only by trusting God and His word can we know what truth is.

While I think that The Booby Trap is well-written with a well thought-out plot, I do not think it is the type of novel for me. Bambi sees nothing wrong with sex before marriage and the love scenes are simply too explicit. If I were working for Plugged-in Online, I would have to give it a 0 out of 5 for family friendliness.

*I received a copy of The Booby Trap in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions expressed are my own.*

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