Friday, April 20, 2012

Jonathon's Quilt

Yesterday was my second born's birthday. He has drooled over his brothers' t-shirt quilts in the past, so I decided to ask Jenn of Sunshine of Autumn Quilts to make him one. She went above and beyond the call of duty with this one. It is large, soft, and very warm - something we need in our up-north cooler climate. Jonathon loves his new quilt. His bed isn't made all that well, but here is a picture of his custom made t-shirt quilt:

If you'd like to see a better picture (and maybe order one of your own), visit Sunshine of Autumn's Etsy shop. You must come up with your own t-shirts and mail them to Jenn (as well as pay for shipping the quilt to you). You might think that is a burden. Well - yes and no. Your kids might be like mine. They have drawer after drawer of t-shirts. After a while, they thin them out and stuff them in bags, saying, "Get rid of these."

I checked several other Etsy quilt shops and found that the prices are all fairly comparable. Many shops require the purchaser to send fabric, shirts, etc. Almost all require shipping costs to be paid by the buyer.

By the way, ignore the splotchy wall in the above photo. This boy has hung and rehung pictures and guitars (yes, he has two electric guitars hanging over the bed) and he's made a mess of the wall.

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