Monday, April 02, 2012

Book Review - Out of Deception by Nathan Miller

Out of Deception is written by Nathan Miller and published by Bookmasters.

Nathan Miller was an Amish lad who was lured into a cult. I admit that this story evoked in me an "it's so strange it must be true" response. When one thinks of the Amish, he/she generally thinks about quiet, religious sort of people who stick to the old ways of doing things. Nathan Miller was a bit of all that until a cult leader drew him away.

I was drawn even more into this story when I realized that this took place in Lagrange County, Indiana. I was born and raised in northeastern Indiana and my grandma had a brother living in Lagrange. We went there all of the time. We also went to Amish auctions in and around Lagrange - a lot. Could I have rubbed shoulders with any of the people mentioned in this book? Hmmm. Even more interesting, Nathan Miller and his family now reside in rural Michigan. I do too. I love it when stories, especially biographies, reach out and touch me "right where I'm at."

Nathan Miller finally broke free from the cult in which he was so tangled, but it wasn't without difficulty. This book is a great read that gives us all food for thought - and for action. It reminds us that Satan is still on the prowl and he truly does seek to devour God's people. I recommend it highly.

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