Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review - Into the Free by Julie Cantrell

Into the Free is written by Julie Cantrell and published by David C. Cook. (Feb 2012)

Into the Free is a unique novel in that it is written in the first person, present tense. By writing thus, Julie Cantrell gives a sense of immediacy - the now factor - to the story. Millie Reynolds lives with her mother in an old slave cabin, part of a plantation deep in Mississippi during the depression. I say she lives with her mother because her father is rarely there. He is a rodeo hero who lives a dual life - that of a star when at the rodeo but that of a wife beating husband when at home.

Throughout the brilliantly woven story, we watch Millie grow from a frightened untrusting child, whose best friends are an old man named Sloth and a favorite tree that she has named Sweetie, to a teenager who is swept off of her feet by a gypsy boy, to a young woman who finds her place in God's universe. It's a captivating story that I couldn't seem to let go once I began reading it.

Into the Free is truly a story about the longing each of us feels - a longing to leave the captivity from which the enemy wishes to keep us and to break "into the free" that God has waiting, if we'll only believe and trust Him for it. At the end of the book are discussion questions that you might find helpful.

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