Thursday, March 08, 2012

Book Review - The Voice New Testament

As part of the Blog Bunch team (Thomas Nelson Publishers), I was privileged to get a chance to review The Voice New Testament. It is a new translation from the Ecclesia Bible Society. The translators have done a superb job of keeping the original meaning of the Scriptures while putting it into a readable and "story-like" package.

Some of the features of this New Testament include: a topical index to guide you through the hundreds of notes, four reading programs to help you as you plan to read the book through from cover to cover, help resources scattered throughout the text and reader identification (so you don't have to wonder who is actually speaking - a great plus).

I am using The Voice New Testament for the New Testament portion of my walk through the Bible in a year reading program. It makes it seem all new again.

If you would like to "step into the story of Scripture" too, visit Hear the Voice. There's lots to do and see there.

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