Monday, February 06, 2012

Book Review - Heart of Gold by Robin Lee Hatcher

Heart of Gold is written by Robin Lee Hatcher and published by Thomas Nelson. It's a sweet western story about a young woman - Shannon Adair - and her minister father. They move from the Civil War torn south to the wild west, gold country to be exact. Though Shannon is resolved that she will not fall for a man who isn't a southern gentlemen, she finds that sometimes God has different plans, plans that might include a rough stage coach driver.

I had a difficult time getting into the story, but once I did, I found that I enjoyed Heart of Gold. It's a sweet tale set in Civil War times. Robin Lee Hatcher mentions the Lord many times in this story, not leaving the reader to guess at whether this is really a Christian book or not. It definitely is.

If you like Christian fiction, you will probably like Heart of Gold. I was thinking earlier this might be a good story for a screenplay......

*I received a copy of Heart of Gold in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.*

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