Thursday, November 17, 2011

Puppies versus Babies - Have you Voted Yet?

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Puppies vs. Babies - have you heard about this contest? I hadn't until just recently. We all know that puppies and babies are cute. Even the ugliest breeds of dogs have cute puppies. And human babies? They're all adorable.

Now, I do admit that had any of my children been young enough to have their pictures in this contest, they would likely win (ha ha). Seriously though, my second born son, Jonathon, had huge brown eyes and an innocent smile (although he was a bit mischievous) that melted the most calloused heart. I sometimes get out pictures of him at age 1 and wonder how he could have grown so fast. Sigh.

As for the contest, submissions are now in and the voting has begun. People have sent in their cutest pictures of their puppies and babies, hoping to win the Puppies vs. Babies online contest. The public now has the fun job of voting for their favorite pictures.

Who do I think is going to win? I sure hope it's a real baby. If I have to choose between a puppy or a baby, I'm going to vote for a real baby every time. Yes, I really did vote for a baby - I voted for Tatum. She has the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen on a face so small. Her picture is priceless. 

Voting goes on until November 23. The winner gets $5,000. That's a whole lot of smiles! 

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