Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Misc. Doings

This is not a Tackle it Tuesday post, but it does highlight some of the things I've been doing these days. I haven't kept anybody posted as to my weight loss/get healthy venture in a while. The diet has gone well and I still eat more healthy than not. Since June 1, I have lost 22 pounds and am now at a comfortable weight, though not where I would ideally like to be. Still, to be back in the normal body mass ratio is wonderful. The diet I follow is a conglomoration of many diets. I keep bad carbohydrates mostly out of my meals, though I splurge once in a great while. I have one cup of coffee a day (99% of the time) and only in the morning before I eat anything. I wait an hour and then have a simple breakfast, usually a bowl of oatmeal (old-fashioned oats) with berries sprinkled into it. I rarely eat sugar and when I do, I tend to use stevia or raw, unfiltered honey. I limit meat to once or twice a week. I have plenty of green salads, lots of veggies (if you read my menu plans you'll notice I like green beans). When I use milk it's skim. I make my own yogurt and I never sweeten it. I use it often in smoothies, but again, I don't use sugar. I am still gluten-free and have no desire to go back to the gummy, rotten stuff. I have given up soda pop for good. I TRY to get lots of water down, but often forget. I walk a lot for exercise. I stay busy.

I have dropped FOUR sizes and am finding I might have to hunt for smaller jeans. I am not focusing on food - I'm focusing on my love for Jesus. I'm finding that ministry is more important than food and the body. Food and the body are temporal - what we do for Christ is eternal. Get my eyes off of me and things fall into their proper places.


Something else going on is Small Business Saturday on November 26. America's small businesses are what keeps her going. I have pledged to shop my local small businesses on November 26. Won't you join in? Take the pledge and you might win one of 100 $25 American Express gift cards to use that day.


I am  the new librarian at our local branch of our county's public library. I work 4 hours a day. It has been a great thing so far. I keep busy there for the most part, meet new people, and get the chance now and then to impart Christian values. Do I preach to them? Of course not. I simply talk to them about whatever subject they bring up. I kid you not, I have been asked to give recommendations for Christian books, talk about my church, and even discuss the Bible. People are hungry for the Truth. I have to conclude that this might be the reason the job fell into my lap. I prayed for a ministry in my village and I'm getting it - plus a little extra cash.


I am on jury duty for November. I've only had to show up at the court house once so far. I was not chosen for the jury. I know too many people involved with the case, from the defending lawyer to many of the witnesses for the defense. Then there's the fact that my son is a county deputy, which makes me biased for the prosecution as well. I spent 8 hours at the court house on jury selection day and, though I got tired, learned a tremendous amount of legal stuff - fascinating stuff. When you get chosen for jury duty, don't grumble. Rather, consider it your DUTY to serve - and to do so with a good attitude and spirit.

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