Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bodum Pavina - Unique Mouth-blown Glasses that Breathe

I told you a while back that I would share sometime about the lovely glasses I would be receiving. Tonight I took out two of those beautiful Bodum Pavina glasses and filled them with apple cider for my husband and me. The cider looked just like the grape liquid in the above picture - like it was floating on air.

What makes these glasses special is they are double layer - with a layer of air in the middle. They "breathe." There is a silicone vent at the bottom of every glass that serves as an equalizer between the air pressure between the two glass layers and the air pressure outside of the glass. Liquids don't seep out of the vents - only the air does. The glass is mouth-blown borosilicate glass and is heat resistant. I can testify that it is cold resistant too (after putting very cold cider in them and not noticing a difference in the warmth of the glass).

The glasses are dish washer safe, microwave safe, and temperature safe. I really love them and am keeping my set in my china cabinet when they're not in use.

**I received a set of two Bodum Pavina glasses in exchange for my honest review because I'm a buzz agent.**

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