Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Encounter - A Timely Parable from Stephen Arterburn

I just finished reading The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn (Thomas Nelson) this morning. I have to admit that this book is quite easy to read and I did so in two days. I could have finished sooner if I hadn't had to be on jury duty yesterday .....

The Encounter is a sweet tale - you might say parable - about a woman named Ada and her son, Jonathan. Ada had given her son away years prior, hoping that by so doing she could forget the boy's father. Rather than forgetting the man, however, she found she missed the son.

When Ada finds that her son, now a wealthy entrepreneur, arrives in town, she determines to get just one good look at him. What ensues is an encounter neither shall forget.

I absolutely love this story. It reminded me of some things - like how I can forgive others but tend not to want to forgive myself. It reminds me, also, that a mother's heart is always a mother's heart, no matter how old her child becomes.

Of course, anything written by Stephen Arterburn is sure to be good. His writing style is engaging enough to keep even the poorest reader turning the pages.

If you want to read a small book with a large message, you will want to take a good look at this one.

**I received a copy of The Encounter in exchange for my honest opinion.**

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