Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rings - Consider Titanium

Our family visited the beautiful upper peninsula of Michigan again last weekend. We stayed with friends in Escanaba, located on Lake Michigan. It's truly a lovely place to visit in the fall. One of our U.P. traditions is to visit a gift shop in St. Ignace before we head over the Mackinac Bridge and back home. This trip, Amanda found a ton of different rings - she's a real lover of jewelry these days. She took FOREVER to pick one with which she could live. She really wanted them all. Finally, she settled on a mood ring. Not my choice, but oh well.

A trend in jewelry these days seems to be toward titanium. Some facts regarding titanium:

  • It's hypoallergenic and could prevent nickel allergies. My sister is allergic to nickel and once had a terrible infection in her body caused by wearing cheap earrings. She had to let her pierced ears close up. Nickel allergies can be really bad.
  • It's shiny and new looking and stays that way. It's also durable.
  • It's highly affordable when compared to precious metals.
I browsed Avant Garde's website, mostly to look at the titanium ring design and to price them. Christmas is coming and I've been saving little by little in order to buy my family some nice presents this year. There are a lot of options. I mainly looked at the hammered titanium rings, which is what I think are more practical for my children.

Also available are lovely titanium bracelets like this one.

But rings and bracelets aren't the only jewelry pieces you can get. My wish list includes a cross pendant. I've never had one.

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