Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cheap Auto Insurance in a Recession

Do you need to get a new auto insurance policy but you just don't know where to start? Automobile insurance rates have hit the roof for a lot of people. It hit our family a year ago when our son had a lapse in job time and was a month late paying his premium. His insurance company dropped him. Then we found out that, in our state, you are penalized for a year because of this thing. He found an insurance company to take him on, but it was very expensive - I'm talking $200 a month to insure an older Huyandai. Now, a year later, this son has a new pick-up and a new insurance policy - for a whole lot less a month than that $200.

We are still in a recession, no matter what the experts tell you. Many people are in need of cheap auto insurance. If we can find ways to save money, we need to be doing so. Automobile insurance is required in every state, so you can't get around it unless you don't drive. In Michigan, if you have a driver's license, you have to pay for auto insurance - even if you don't own a car, a result of having "no fault insurance."

There are websites that can help you locate cheap auto insurance and make that insurance selection a little easier. Use the site to get quotes from companies who insure folks in your own state. Compare rates side by side after getting some quick and easy quotes. You don't have to skimp on coverage, just don't settle for the insurance you've "always had" simply because you're afraid of the process of switching.

It's important to be wise stewards with our money and resources. Sometimes it's a little out of our comfort zones to creatively find areas in which to cut, but it's a wise step.

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