Sunday, July 03, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - July 4

Happy Independence Day to those of us in the good ole United States of America! It might not be the most perfect country in the world, but, in my opinion, is still the best.

I am up to my eyeballs here in strawberries. Yesterday, we got 20 pounds from a U-pick farm. It took a couple of hours for my daughter and I to prepare them for freezing - using the Food Saver system. Side note: I found that the Weston brand of vacuum bags does better than the Food Saver brand bags, at a fraction of the cost.

Tonight, a good friend asked me to come and pick berries at her house because she was all "strawberried out." My husband, three of our children, and I came out and picked. We have double what we got yesterday. I cleaned strawberries for two hours tonight and then put the rest in a large box in the fridge to continue tomorrow. I filled the deydrator with sliced berries and then vacuum sealed the others. Tomorrow, I intend to make jam or preserves along with a nice strawberry dessert for the family.

Along with the strawberries, I'll be working on sugar snap peas and pickled beets. I have a feeling I'm going to be worn out by tomorrow evening. It's a good worn out feeling, I do assure you.

As for our menu for the week, I'm keeping it simple. Find other plans at Organizing Junkie.


Taco Salad
Chips & Salsa
Refried Beans
Strawberry Dessert of some sort


Green Beans
Sauteed Zucchini




Grilled Cheese
Beef 'n Vegetable Soup


Pizza & Pop


Hamburgers on the Grill
Oven Fries


On Your Own


FromCristinToMommy said...

i wish i had an over abundance of strawberries!
i'd love if you visited my blog
you can check out my Menu Plan here

Susan said...

I love the idea of drying the berries. I have never dried or eaten dried strawberries. There is something about the fruits of the feeling even though it is so tiring.

Mamie said...

Your menu looks great!