Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lots of Sampling

I have been blessed the past few weeks with some great products that my family and I could try and the share our results with you. One of them is Trend Micro Online Guardian.

I initially put this program on the computer that my youngest two children share with my husband. My hope was to set rules for their internet usage - hours they are allowed to use the internet, which sites are safe sites, which sites are blocked from their eyes. I got more than that. I get regular reports concerning Ryan's Facebook account and I am privy to his chat messages. I don't usually check his chat all that often, but if I feel I need to, I can.

At first, I had some difficulty setting up this account. Ryan kept being blocked from Facebook altogether, and I have to tell you, he was angry at me. After a day or two of messing with it, I had to completely uninstall the program and then reinstall. All works great now.

Bottom line: This is a great program as long as your children aren't so computer savvy that they know how to bypass (and WILL bypass) the program by using certain browsers and programs that the normal mother cannot understand. My 17-year-old got it off of his computer with no trouble. The youngest two, however, have been completely complying with the rules. At $49.95, I think it's a good deal for those who really need or want this type of protection. If you wish to try it out before buying, a trial version is available for download.

Friday night I colored my hair with a new hair color. John Frieda Precision Foam Colour is a rather new at-home hair color that is supposed to give you professional results, as if you'd paid the big bucks at a salon.

I received a coupon from John Frieda to try this out and, though I normally use Ion hair color (from Sally Beauty Supply), I figured it was worth a shot. This hair color was not the easiest to use! I had color on my back, my ears, and the mirror. I know that the biggest problem for me is that I wear rather strong eye glasses and, without them on my face, I really can't see too well. Precision Foam Hair Colour is not poured on and neither is it pasted on your hair. You have to squeeze foam from the bottle into your gloved hand and apply it to your hair with your hand. I needed another hand. I do love the gloves. They're heavier duty than most I've received with hair color. I used medium chocolate brown and below is the result. I have no gray patches and the color is very even and rich looking. I couldn't find a natural brown color, which is what I really wanted. This color is darker than my normal (and natural) shade. The kids looked at me and yelled, "You look just like Aunt Debbie!" Well, I guess that isn't a horrible thing, but I still would like my normal shade - I know it's available because the website says so!

At Wal-mart's normal price of $9.99, this is a pricey at-home color. If you can find coupons or sales, or even if you don't mind paying full price, you might like to use this color. I don't particularly care to continue using it because of the level of difficulty I had in applying it to my hair.

Once you've finished coloring your hair, you should use one of the shampoo and conditioner lines made specifically for color treated hair. I am using TRESemme(R) Color Revitalize shampoo and conditioner. TRESemme(R) claims that it keeps color treated hair bright and revitalized for 40 washes (as compared to normal shampoos and conditioners). I love the smell of this product line. It leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth too. It's pretty concentrated, so I don't have to use half the bottle to get my hair clean. As for keeping my color "revitalized", I think it does.

You can buy TRESemme(R) Color Revitalize at about the same price as other color protection shampoos and conditioners (Pantene, etc). I think it's probably worth the cost. Let me encourage you to "like" TRESemme on Facebook to keep informed about the latest deals and products.

* I received free products in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are my own.*
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Susan said...

You do kinda have Debbie"s hair color. It looks good though. One good thing is that after 3 or 4 washes it will lighten up a bit. You are right on about this hair color. I had Debbie use this on me the first time and she wasn't impressed in the least and I used it again, this time Cassie colored my hair and she hated it. I am going to have to find something different. Another thing is I hated the way my hair felt after using it the second time. It felt nasty. I started coloring my hair at home because of the high cost at the beauty parlor.