Thursday, May 05, 2011

Helping Others: It's Part of God's Plan

The Lord asks that we help others with their needs. When we do that, we do it for Jesus. Sometimes it's difficult to help others when we're struggling ourselves. I know and understand that more than you might think. Still, I also know that when God gives a command, it's best to heed it.

Last year I attended a workshop that Dr. Bruce Wilkinson held at our church. The theme was miracles and our part in them. *God Nudge*

This year I read a fantastic book called The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett. That book blasted me right between the eyes. I'm still looking for my niche in ministry. *Big-time God Nudge*

The fact is, there are many, many ways that we can be a blessing to others - some ways are small and some are large. God knows what you can handle. He doesn't ask for more than that, but He does ask you to dream big.

My friend Jenn from Sunshine of Autumn Quilts is dreaming big to help another. Here's the cause:

Her friend's son has pars planitis in both eyes. "This requires many doctor visits, medications, and other situations in which extra money is needed. She is a Sahm and I would like to help. I felt the Lord speak to me as I traveled the journey of her Blog," Jenn says.

Jenn is selling a custom made quilt (baby) in order to donate the proceeds to her friend for medical bills. Can you help? I'm sure that if you can't purchase the quilt, you would be welcome to donate any amount, small or large, to help this cause that, I believe, God laid upon Jenn's heart. If all you can do is pray, rejoice that you can do so, because that is needed too (and is vital).

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