Friday, February 18, 2011

What is Your Cause?

I have been reading an excellent book titled, The Cause Within You, by Matthew Barnett with George Barna. The subtitle, "Finding the One Great Thing You Were Created to do in This World", sums up the content. When I first received the book, I thumbed through the pages rather quickly and did what a lot of you probably do when receiving a Christian "self-help" book - looked to see from what denomination Matthew Barnett hails. Before you leave this post to Google it, I'll let you know that it is Assemblies of God.

Pastor Matthew's church denomination affiliation means nothing to the context of this book. What matters is that he found the cause within him - that of radically reaching the homeless, the drug addicts, the alcoholics, and the prostitutes of Los Angeles. He began this remarkable journey at the age of twenty - yes, twenty-years-old.

I am not quite finished reading this story, but I can't wait any longer to share my thoughts about it with you. Pastor Matthew states that God creates within each person a special skill, or talent, which He expects that person to use in helping other people. Call it servanthood. 

The Cause Within You was written to help others find their great cause, then use it. Think it sounds familiar? It's basically the same principle that we learned from Bruce Wilkinson when he came to our church and spoke about miracles. He had said that God uses people to perform miracles by doing the ordinary - meeting other people's needs. 

I am really excited about this book and the practical advice contained within it. If every Christian took God at His promises and used the great gifts that He has blessed him with, our world would be greatly changed. Just think, we would actually be living the Gospel rather than simply preaching it on Sunday mornings.

*I received a copy of The Cause Within You to review. However, the opinions expressed are my own.*

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