Sunday, February 20, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - February 21

Is anybody having spring yet? We are NOT! We are under winter weather advisory for upwards of six inches of snow. However depressing this is, it's important to remember that spring always follows winter and that it will come as it always has, provided this world holds out a little longer.

For our menu plan this week, I gotta tell you that I'm a little frustrated. I really want us to eat correctly, meaning as close to natural as we can, but my family is not cooperating. My daughter is gluten-free and hates vegetables. She loves meat. Can one exist on meat alone? (well, candy and pop doesn't count)

I won't even tell you about the other family members, other than son number two. He is vegetarian and begs me to rid the house of meat. I could do it without too much hesitation, but my husband might not appreciate it. 


Broiled Pork Chops
Garden Salads



Taco Salads
Chips & Salsa


Sugar Snap Peas
Chicken Legs (breaded w/corn flake crumbs)
Baked Potatoes


Pizza & Pop
Gluten-free Cheese Ravioli for Amanda & Me


Home Fries
Smoked Sausage


On Your Own


Susan said...

Winter is holding on with an icy grip here in Indiana also. We had an ice storm last night...more freezing rain today and then up to 5 inches of snow expected yet!!!! I am sooooooo.....ready for spring!

Kathryn said...

Spring has sprung in the South and I still can't believe it. We've never lived down here before (Army life has taken us all over the place though), and are shocked and delighted at the 70 degree weather this week. Hope it warms up for you soon!

The meals look great!

Cursuri Engleza said...

I am on snow alert too. And I absolutely hate it. I mean, I think I just don’t enjoy it as much. I want some spring and I want it now. Anyway, your menu plan looks great. I might even steal some of your ideas to make my menu plan, like the sicilian supper, the cheese ravioli and the sweet potatoes pancakes. Thanks for the ideas.