Monday, January 10, 2011

Some Like it Hot - Tabasco Hot, that Is

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

TABASCO® Original Red came out in the year 1868. Did you know that? Something else you might not know is that it takes three years to age it. I love trivia and I have some kids who love hot sauce. I love a hot sauce that doesn't have a huge long list of ingredients in it. I checked the ingredients in this one and found it's made with three - peppers, salt and vinegar. Sort of refreshing to hear, isn't it?

My son, Jonathon, uses Tabasco sauce on everything. As for the others, their tastes vary. Ryan has been known to sprinkle it on omelets. I learned something new about Tabasco use tonight. It is great on pizza!  Everybody in my house is wild about pizza, so I think....why not? Pizza Perfected is the perfect place to visit for Tabasco and pizza winning combinations. There are even categories of uses for delivery, frozen, and homemade pizzas. Prosciutto and Ricotta Pizza sounds wonderful to me.

If you need a Game-Day Party Menu, you can find that too. Recipes and party ideas are at your fingertips. Just be sure you have plenty of TABASCO® Original Red on hand to keep your guests feeling warm and happy - and satisfied.

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SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

My husband likes Tabasco Hot Sauce also. He likes Franks Red Sauce too, its really good on buffalo wings.

Secondary Roads said...

I always have a large bottle of McIlhenny's Tabasco in the fridge. I use it on eggs, pizza, in soups and any thing with tomato in it except salad. (But I have been tempted.) At 1800 to 2500 Scovilles, it has a nice "bite" and with the vinegar adds a nice flavor. I also have a small bottle of Blair's After Death Sauce, but with a Scoville rating of 50,000, I don't use that very often.

Susan said...

AsI have gotten older, my stomach cannot handle hot or spicy anymore. There was a time though.