Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Baby Formula Debate: Store Brand or National?

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By now most people agree that breast milk is the best all-around food for infants. There are some, however, who cannot or choose not to breast feed.

Today, as many as 20 different brands of formula are founds in the baby aisle. However, there was once a time when only one or two name brands of formula could be had. There was no such thing as a store brand formula

These labels are much cheaper than their big-name counterparts, though legally they must conform to the same nutritional standards. Using store brand formulas can save parents as much as $600 per year. That is because their costs are less than the more heavily advertised brands.

Name brands are not necessarily safer or of better quality, as the recent Similac recall shows. In this case, Abbott recalled some Similac powder infant formulas when it was discovered that they might contain a small common beetle. Though this is not an immediate danger to babies, it could give them discomfort and possibly cause them to stop eating altogether.

WIC (the government program for women, infants, and children) allows participants to purchase store brand as well as name brand formulas. In this day and age of high inflation, loss of jobs, and a generally poor economy, stretching a dollar wherever possible is to be encouraged.

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