Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday - September 23

I'm late doing just about everything this week. I don't have an unusually good excuse; I just am. I am, Thursday evening at 10:19 p.m. typing out my Thankful Thursday post. This week, everyone is meeting up at Grace Alone to link up.

I had a wonderful time at the Woman to Woman Conference this last Friday night and Saturday. I have wanted to go for the last five years or so, but never could get enough money for the registration fee (it's only $38 for early registration - pretty lame excuse but valid) or transportation. This year, I made it a point to save up the money to register early. My husband had changed routes at work and that meant a different work schedule. Since he now has weekends off, I was able to have a car to get to town!

It was a true blessing for me to sit in both Kim Bolton's and Elizabeth George's workshops. Both of these ladies are phenomenal speakers and pure witnesses for Christ. I am strengthened in my spiritual walk because of the encouragement I received last weekend. Praise to God for times like these when we women can get encouragement from Godly women.

I am feeling loads of thanks for other, smaller, things tonight as well. I make it a tradition to craft a scrapbook for each of my children as they graduate from high school. This year it is my third son, Evan, who is a senior. I got so far as to purchase his scrapbook along with some nice papers, but I haven't begun the book yet. I wanted to get more supplies before I began. Wouldn't you know that I got some nice supplies to sample last week? I haven't begun working on the book yet, but will do so in the next few days.

The stuff I'm going to try is shown below. I'm especially excited about the scissors. I love to cut stuff into designs (I'm still a kid).

I want to say I"m thankful for all of the rain we're getting, but I'm having a tough time with that one. All I can think is if we continue to have this much moisture in another month, we'll be knee deep in snow early. Isn't that pathetic? Okay, okay.....God has a reason for all of this rain drowning us and I will give thanks.

The Lord is good.....I will trust Him with everything, even the weather.

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Denise said...

So glad you enjoyed the conference, bless you.