Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Vacation Spot - Kissimmee

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a fan of the great outdoors, especially when it comes to warm spots like Florida. In Kissimmee, I can find all of the warmth and outdoor fun that I expect to find in the south. Our family moved to Florida for a year a while back while my husband took college classes, and I loved the huge trees, many of the animals (I hate snakes), and the warm winters. A person can do some serious hiking, and I did.

So it's not surprising that Kissimmee is also on my list of places to visit in the coming year or two. My plan is to do some hiking and then hop aboard a swamp buggy to explore swampy places that I couldn't get to by foot. Considering that the 4700 acre nature preserve, Florida Forever, is there, I'll be happy.

My husband and children enjoy fishing so they could do some of that on one of the Chain of Lakes. Large mouth bass are said to be plentiful there. As for me, I will not be found in a boat. I will be shopping or enjoying quiet time in a motel room. I'm okay with mall shopping, and there are plenty of them in the area, but my real enjoyment is found when browsing specialty shops. That is where you find the coolest items unique to the area.

I can't talk about Kissimmee without mentioning Disney World because it's close by. The only person in our family who has ever been there is my husband, and that was many moons ago - before I had ever met him. I would like to go just to say that I've been there and did that, but my children want to go to ride the roller coasters. My daughter wants to see Cinderella.

Is this a do-able vacation or is it just me dreaming? I think it'll happen sometime sooner than I had ever thought possible. We are rapidly paying down debt in order to free ourselves from the long arm of the creditors. God wants us to be free of the chains that bind us - that refers to sin but it also applies to financial messes. I can't enjoy a wonderful vacation like the one described above when I'm loaded with so much debt that I can't see out my back door.

Doing fun things together as a family is important. My children are growing up and leaving us to do their own things. I want to enjoy that time together, investing in relationships, while we still can. Family vacations, times to get away from the routine, are some of the best tools for doing that.

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