Thursday, August 19, 2010


I meant to get up a Thankful Thursday post today but, sadly, I got too busy doing other things. I AM thankful, however, for the tomatoes in my garden. They are finally ripening and today I made salsa. I canned 10 pints and put some in the fridge for the kids. They are loving it! Thanks to my friend, Sunshine Autumn, I have been able to finally make a salsa that the family enjoys.

The reason I was too busy for my blog post, however, was not salsa. I spent the greater part of the morning going through my online accounts and changing passwords. I have changed every password as of tonight. The reason? On Monday, someone tried to charge $12,000 to our credit card. GULP! Thankfully, we have fraud protection and an immediate hold was put on the card. It is now cut into a million pieces and that account is closed.

Yesterday, someone hacked into my Facebook account. Again, a hold was put on the account. If I understand correctly, this was due to me clicking on a "share on Facebook" button on someone's blog. I am very leery now about information that people I thought I could trust publish. I had to go through quite a process to regain control of my own Facebook. Ugh. It was not the best experience, but I now have my account back again.

I think this is too coincidental to ignore. I have decided that it is of ultra importance to have unique, difficult passwords for EACH online account that I own. I also believe that it is equally important to change those passwords frequently.

Identity theft is a big time problem in today's world. Please, protect yourself as best you can by religiously guarding your online account numbers and passwords. Be careful about posting identifying information on your blogs or any other social media.

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Secondary Roads said...

Lots and lots of green beans coming from our garden and tomatoes too.

I almost quit the blog last year when I got infected from a Website that stole my passwords, put malicious code on all the Websites and the blog that I manage. An earlier infection proved tougher than my remedies and I had to reformat the hard drive.

Sorry to hear about your trouble, hope you have them cleared up soon.