Thursday, July 29, 2010

Some Favorites

I have a few favorite products and companies that I would like to share with you - and I have a new NON favorite as well. It's important that we be good stewards of all that God gives us. It's all His, and He gives it to us for our use. What a great God! When we use our resources wisely, we honor God.

BzzAgent sent me a unique product to test and talk about this week. It's from L'Oreal Paris - Collagen Micro-pulse Eye. I have a lot of trouble with bags and dark circles under my eyes. Whether it's simply hereditary, from poor sleep, or from the aging process (probably all three), I don't know. I do not have crow's feet or wrinkles yet, but I know they're coming! The product claims to reduce crow's feet and eye bags appearances immediately. After four weeks, they should be greatly reduced or diminished. I've been using it for a few days and I don't see a whole lot of difference yet. I DO notice that my eyes feel better - less weary - than they did before, less muscle pain. This product costs about $20 in the stores. I don't know if I would buy it unless it did some really miraculous wonders for me, or I found it at a great sale price.

Penzeys Spices is one of my new favorite companies. The reason it's such a neat company is that when you sign up to be on their mailing list or you place an order, they send you catalogs that are filled with recipes. The recipes are from people like you and me. They are tried and true recipes that have long become family favorites. As for the spices Penzeys sells, I have purchased some. They are quality spices and probably worth the cost. Quite often they send coupons good for a free product.

I started a tradition with my oldest son - that of giving each child a scrapbook filled with memories for their high school graduation. My third son, Evan, graduates this coming year and I am ready to start on his book. I've been getting a lot of digital pictures printed through Snapfish. They use Fuji photo paper and they give you the option of having digital prints printed in many different sizes. AND, they often give out free prints, free shipping and more. I've not been disappointed yet.

Now for my new NON favorite: A GE 5-cup coffee maker sold through Wal-mart stores. When I saw this handy little coffee maker on the shelves at my local store, I thought it would be just great for me. I shelled out $20 for the appliance, excited about its small size and convenience. Had I been smart, I would have checked the fine print on the back of the box to see who manufactured and distributed it. Wal-mart and GE teamed up to sell this coffee maker in Wal-mart stores only. When you have a problem with it, you call GE Wal-mart (all in one name). The coffee pot is made of such thin glass that I broke it to pieces simply by wiping it dry after washing it - after only ONE WEEK! I called the service number on the user manual and the lady there told me they do not replace broken carafes, only the coffee maker itself if it is defective. In short, it was my fault the carafe broke. She told me to call the store from which I purchased it to get a new pot. I did that, and boy, did I ever get a run-around. It has now been two weeks and I have gotten nowhere. Nobody can seem to get me a new coffee pot. They are only sold as part of the original coffee maker, and you can't get replacement parts! You want to talk about an unhappy customer! It seems I will not be getting another coffee pot. I am still hopeful, however, that somehow, somewhere, someday, Wal-mart will give me a call stating I can come in to pick up my new coffee pot. I'm not holding my breath there, however. Lesson learned: READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE BOX. I do not expect to buy any appliances, large or small, from Wal-mart again. That goes for sewing machines or anything more than food or paper products.

Do you have any new favorites or NON favorites? It's good to share our experiences in order to help others save and not waste money.

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