Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - July 12

It's time already for Menu Plan Monday with Organizing Junkie. I have waited until the last possible moment to prepare my menu, not on purpose but because I've had an especially busy weekend. We visited friends who were camping at the horse campground in the Pigeon River State Forest. That was really fun. We always enjoy our time with them. We also went to King Orchards and picked cherries. That was sort of fun....the picking was sparse because the tart cherries got froze out this spring and they had NONE to pick. We were able to get some frozen ones they still had from last summer, though. We picked some dark sweet cherries (black ones below) and some Queen Anne cherries (the red ones below). I love the Queen Anne ones because they grew in our yard when I was young. My mom used to make desserts with them - she loved them because she only had to use 1/2 the sugar than she'd have to use for tart cherries. They are SO good.

 Here's the menu for the week:

Fresh Pineapple (they were $0.98 ea. this week)


Green Beans
Baked Potatoes
Homemade Ice Cream


Chicken & Rice
Mixed Vegetables


Grilled Chicken
Mashed Potatoes


Pizza & Pop


Chicken Salad


On Your Own

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