Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dog Food Insights

My little dog, Bobbi, is a Yorkshire Terrier. She is 9 years old and we are now noticing some aging problems. For one thing, she has a lot of stomach issues - vomiting on our carpets. Ugh.

I thought it was simply old age or maybe bad teeth that caused this stomach upset. I tried feeding her yogurt to see if that would help - get that probiotic effect! Well, it really didn't help a whole lot.

Then I tried what I thought was a natural dog food - that didn't help at all. I simply paid more money for nothing.

THEN, I went to a local pet supplier and talked dog food in length with the owner. I found out that I knew very little about dogs and their nutritional needs! I had thought that grains would be good for them - after all, they're good for people! It turns out that dogs need meat - big surprise, huh? What made me think their needs were based upon me, a person, rather than an animal as God had made them? Corn, in particular, is not good for my dog.

The dog food supplier sent me home with a big bag of various dog food samples - all little bites and all of them natural and without all of the grains and fillers that make dogs ill. I have now used up all of the little bags of samples and my Bobbi did not throw-up once while on any of the food. She did have a problem one time last week when my daughter filled her dish with the old stuff I was previously feeding. Hmmm. Now I know.

You can read a good article about dog food here.

Some of the samples we tried are:

Evo Red Meat Formula

Innova Small Bites

Nature's Variety Instinct, Rabbit Meal Formula

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Cranberry Morning said...

Hi Rita,
My Shepherd had Lupus about 5 years ago. Since Lupus was an autoimmune disease, I thought it was reasonable to try to remove all possible common allergens, starting with his diet. My vet listened patiently to me, but I don't think he was convinced. Anyway, I took Bridger off all wheat and corn, then finally off grains altogether, and he has not had a recurrence (sp?) of Lupus - for which i am so thankful!

So glad you found that out with your Yorkie. I think it's totally unnatural for dogs to eat grains. And I think a lot more people are sensitive to grains also, but just aren't aware of what's making them feel bad.

Thanks for listening to my long tome. :-)