Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday - April 15

I have been spending time thinking about all of the blessings - the good things - in my life. Still not finished with tests and trying to find out what exactly is wrong with my hurting body, I sometimes wonder if the problem is terminal. Then I come to the conclusion that - YES - it is. Now, before you think I have some horrible disease and going to die tomorrow, read on.

The terminal disease I have is the same one that you have. We all have sinned. We all have come short of God's glory. We have all been given a death sentence. Some of us will taste death sooner than others. Some of us will have to face more pain than others. Regardless, we will all have to walk that same path. The question is, what's on the other side?

As a believer in Jesus Christ, I have full confidence that I will see HIM on the other side, whether that be very soon or another 40 or more years. I take great joy in knowing that.

This week I'm so thankful for that joy.

Several of my friends have been going through physical trials. I thank the Lord for taking care of my friends and keeping them safe.

My husband, after 10 years of having to work every weekend, is now going on a different work schedule. He will have every Sunday off work! Praise the Lord! This has been a huge prayer for a very long time. It has been difficult to get 5 kids to church by myself every Sunday. I'm not sorry that I put forth the effort, but I'm so glad that now we can all go to church as a family.

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bp said...

That's exciting your husband has a new schedule.

I pray God blesses you this week!


Denise said...

I am praying for you sweetie.

Mylene said...

I love the last part! It is indeed an answered prayer and it is really a joy to go to church as a family.

I wonder how your husband survive for 10 years working on a Sunday. Probably because of your fervent prayer.


debi9kids said...

what a blessing that will be to finally get to attend church together as a family. (I know all too well what it is like to attend alone with the kids.)
Bless you and your family and may the Lord heal your friends.

Pia said...

God bless your grateful heart, rita. God is good. i'm happy for your answered prayer.

LaughingLady said...

That's wonderful news that you husband can finally come to church with you! Wow, that's a long time to wait for the prayed-for answer!!

You're so right about the terminal condition in all of us ~ but I hope you'll get some medical answers soon! Not knowing what's going on is the hardest part.

Joshlin said...

We need to thank God for our blessings more often! Thanks for the reminder!!!!

Have a blessed week!

Sarah said...

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Ladynred said...

Prayer is powerful tool! Bless you.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Rita,

Praise God for answering your family's prayers and your husband has been given a new schedule! It will be so wonderful that your family can go together to church. Take care and may God bless your family with a very blessed weekend and Lord's day!

Rejoicing with you,

hip chick said...

I am happy for you that your husband will now be able to attend church with your family. How nice that will be.

Joan said...

Good news about your husband's new schedule. A good example on why we should never give up and stop praying when are prayer's aren't answered right away.


Sandy said...

I am praying that you do find out soon what is causing your physical pains. That is great that your husband will have Sundays off!
great list!
Have a great weekend!

Rocks said...

So glad to hear about you all going to church. and praising God with you!!

Nana Jul said...

What a huge Hallelujah..your husband getting Sunday's off! And I know...the Lord has smiled upon you for your faithfulness in taking all your children to church with you!! That takes strength!
God bless you.

Secondary Roads said...

That's wonderful.