Friday, April 09, 2010

From Cribs to Kitchens - and an Upcoming CSN Review

I have something exciting to blog about coming up. I've enjoyed some conversations with CSN, a company that boasts 200+ stores. CSN has everything you could possibly want to furnish a home, from baby cribs and bedroom furniture to cookware and ceiling lights.You will definitely want to peruse what's available.

Speaking of furniture, we have an old crib in our attic. If it's made well, a baby crib will last long enough to be used for each of your children, and more. We're keeping ours for the grandchildren - if we ever have any, that is. None of our kids are any too ready to get married and start families. Boo. 

I miss those times when our children were babies and we rocked them to sleep while they laid their heads against our shoulders, making us wet with their sleepy-time drool. Since we're starting to feel old, my husband and I got a reminiscent baby fix today by watching a video we took of our firstborn, Josh, when he was 1 1/2 years old. He danced and danced to some mountain music. *Sigh*

Well, those sweet little babies have grown some and do what comes naturally - eat! With that in mind, I'm excited about an upcoming review of a Rachel Rae griddle that I'll be sharing with you, sponsored by CSN. Be watching for it!

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