Sunday, April 11, 2010


Two of our boys, plus about 80 other kids in our church youth group, went to Florida last week, as they do every year. They camp in a state park and spend lots of time learning and growing in Christ. This year about 20 kids got baptized in the Gulf of Mexico.

This morning was a time of sharing what amazing (yet why are we surprised?) things God did and continues to do.

The one recurrent theme that bothers me is summed up in this, "My parents got divorced when....."

Yeah, almost every teen who gave his or her testimony this morning said this and then went on to say how divorce negatively impacted the family.

If you have been divorced or are going through one now, I am not trying to bring guilt upon you or make you feel hopeless. But I have to say that Satan is using divorce to destroy families, particularly children. In all of the mess that divorce creates, children are hurting and crying out for help.

Praise be to God that He mends broken lives.

Please think twice before taking the "easy" way out. Don't let Satan win as he seeks to destroy your family. Pray and seek the Lord. He can take the pieces of your broken marriage and put it all back together again - even make it better.

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