Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Blogging for Jesus

I have read some interesting blog posts this week concerning our online witness and testimonies. It really doesn't matter which forum we are using - blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 

When we are witnessing to others online, we have the same responsibilities concerning that testimony that we do when witnessing in person. We must be sure that what we are saying is the truth. How do we know that it is the truth? We MUST know what the Bible says. We can't know what it says if we aren't reading it - and praying about that which we've read - can we?

Even more essential to our testimony is that we know the Author of the Bible - God Himself. If we do not have a personal and meaningful relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus Christ, we have very little with which to preach and teach to others. Let me urge you to spend as much time reading, studying, praying, and spending time with other Christians as you can. Then get to your computer and share Jesus with the world.

Here are some interesting reads concerning sharing your faith online (and elsewhere):

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Secondary Roads said...

Well said! Amen sister. And thanks for the links.