Sunday, March 07, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - March 8

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson is teaching us through his seminar, You Were Born for This, this week. I am immensely blessed - as I'm sure many others are - because of this. What I walked away with tonight was an affirmation of a lot of the Bible truths of which I was convinced were true. One of them is that God does not miraculously loan money to meet a need. It is ALWAYS given without any terms of repayment. If you're given the task of delivering this type of miracle, you won't be loaning it out and expecting to receive it back later.

Another thing I found affirming was when Dr. Wilkinson said that God can do miracles by any means He chooses. Sometimes He sends angels. Most often than not, however, He works through people. I've always believed that to be Scriptural.

Now, as for this week's menu plan, I need some help! I am so low on basic ingredients it isn't even funny. Because I'm struggling tonight, I decided to go to Allrecipes Ingredient Search to help me out. Here's what Amanda and I worked up. She wants way too many tacos so I've had to cut some of her menu out.

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Beef & Homemade Noodles
Green Beans


Chips & Salsa
Peaches & Apricots


Roast Turkey
Mashed Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables


Pizza & Pop


Beef Stew


Something Italian - Fettuccini Alfredo?


On Your Own

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Secondary Roads said...

Your study should be interesting. I checked out Dr Wilkinson's Website via your link. Here's a prayer that you be blessed by it.