Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday - February 11

Oh, what a week I've had! Last Thursday I didn't get a TT post written and here is why:

I was too tired to do it the night before. I figured I would write one up the next morning. That got scrapped because I had a great urge to pray with the women at the Community Church two blocks down the street. I hurried down there after breakfast. Then I left and went to a dental appointment (my husband had an appointment too - same time.) 

I kept thinking, I'll put up that Thankful Thursday post when I get home. 

Good news - no cavities and praises from the dentist and the dental hygienist for having great teeth with no plaque build-up.

 Bad news - We thought we'd walk around Wal-Mart for a half hour or so since we had no children with us. We had tons of time to walk around that store because our van would died as we pulled into the parking lot. It was not revived and we walked and walked for FOUR hours! Josh came and got us when he got off work and brought us home.

The van was never revived. We had to get it towed. A mechanic looked at it. He advised selling it for scrap. Today we picked up a check for very little money from the iron company. 

The worst part? That was our only vehicle and we cannot buy anything else. We looked everywhere for a cheap car and we are told repeatedly, "All of the older cars were crushed because of the cash for clunkers program."

So that's how my week has gone and it really has not gotten better. I'm trusting God but every now and then, I feel as if I'll explode. That's when I have to go to prayer. 

I am thankful that my heavenly Father knows more than I do. He knows what my future holds. He has a reason for everything He does. He did not put a ton of troubles into my life. He's not going to magically make them all disappear. 

What He WILL do is give me strength to get through the pain and difficulties. He WILL put people in my life to encourage me and be my friends. He WILL throw out a lifeline and when He does, I will catch it and pull myself up to the surface.

For some reason, this hymn has been running through my head the last couple of days. This rendition by Chris Tomlin is nice. Hope you enjoy it.

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Rocks said...

May the Lord sustain you and comfort you..God knows your future..I say AMen to that!

Adventure Mom Janna said...

Ooo 4 hour in Walmart!

Praise God your vanny died in a parking lot and not all the other dangerous scenarios it could have died.

God is gracious even in our trials. Praise the Lord you are clinging to Him!

jo.attalife said...

Oh, Rita, that IS hard. I am sitting here, my heart going out to you.
I'd like to share my post with you.
God bless you.

Denise said...

Sorry your week was rough, praying for you.

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Sounds like quite a time! It was neat hearing your spirit within it all. Congrats on the no cavity!

Heirlooms For You said...

We as his children know He knows things we don't. Keep going to prayer because He is always there. Thank you for sharing and I am praying God will get you through. Carol

teachermomof2 said...

Praying for you during this difficult time...God does know your future and will take care of you!

Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

Oh, Rita, I'm so sorry to hear about your van. We have been in your situation before (not the walking for four hours part!). I don't believe all of the old cars were sold, though - do keep looking. Does your area have a "trading paper" or "ad bulletin" that comes out each week? Those are often much better for finding older cars than used car lots.