Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday - January 21

Thankful Thursday time again - hosted by Lynn. Last week I missed posting and I felt bad about that. It just seems that so much goes on that sometimes I get swept away and either forget to post something or cannot due to the craziness. Last week it was mostly forgetfulness. I am getting older - what else can I say?

I AM thankful for the life I have been given. After seeing all of the disasters that are plaguing this world, I am mindful that at any moment my life could be snuffed out. NONE of us are guaranteed another day. It is a sobering fact and something that should cause each and every one of us to consider what will become of us once that final moment comes. Will we be in Heaven with the Lord or will we be "where the goblins go, below, below, below, below?" (from The Wizard of Oz)

Today I give thanks for my loved ones - my parents, my husband, and my children. I am blessed.

I am thankful for the sunshine that we were able to enjoy today in northern Michigan. Most of the winter it is very gray and dark. Today was the exception. I can brave the cold temperatures for SUN!

I am thankful for the Bible. I give thanks for the Holy Spirit who helps me understand the words written therein. I can't imagine life without my "road map."

What great blessings have come your way? While you're counting your blessings, please remember to pray for those in Haiti. God is a great God and He has a plan for those He loves. The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust. Trust Him - and if you're able to help those affected, please do.


Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt post today. I too think about how quickly something could happen that would change my life forever, and we are praying for all the people in Haiti, as well as the workers. Great posting.

Pia said...

yes rita, you are blessed. may you stay blessed and more. =D

Maisie in Maine said...

We don't normally have dark and gray winters here. Sunny, but usually very cold and snowy. This year, however, seems to be the exception. The temperature has been so mild and not much snow yet.

Denise said...

Such nice blessings.

Godsgalnj said...

Amen, Amen, and Amen!

It's a sobering thought, isn't it - life is only but a moment...We can't get too attached to this world. But we have hope and comfort in that Christ will come soon to take us away to be with Him forever!

Hope you have a blessed Thursday!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

The comforting thing is that none of this surprises God...He has it all under control!

Debbie said...

What a great list of blessings! Isn't it good in the midst of uncertain times that we can stop and look for what we can be thankful for?


Lynn said...

Hi Rita,

You are so right and we don't know what could happen. So glad we serve a God who always knows.

Great post. Happy TT and see you again next week. Hugs. Lynn