Sunday, January 03, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - January 4

This week's menu plan reflects, I think, some of my planned changes for a healthier year of eating. Fettuccini is one  of my oldest son's foods, so I have planned it for Monday's menu - his 21st birthday. He will not be pleased that it contains spinach, so I might have to make a small batch without that particular vegetable. I do plan to add in whole wheat flour as I make the noodles, so everyone will have to deal with that as well. It is definitely going to be interesting. Most meals we'll have a bowl of home-canned fruit or a lighter syrup fruit if using something from the grocery store (rare). I will be making less desserts, such as pie or cakes. Maybe I'll put some of those in once a week or so. 

I am also planning to use less sugar, maybe buying a bag of Splenda to use in baking once in a while. We will be exercising more (already working on that with my kids). No time like the present to begin. I am hoping that these preventative measures will result in a healthier family that needs fewer doctor visits and have less sick days. In the end, we'll save money by not having to purchase expensive medications. I know, some of the meds are not going to go away because of certain health conditions already present, but others, like acetomeniphen, will not be popped in the mouth as often.

Nobody wants to budge from the weekly pizza night - it'll be our one night to splurge. I don't drink pop, having water or milk. Jeff has diet pop and the kids regular. I hate the amount of sugar in soda and I can't have aspartame (Nutra Sweet)

Visit Organizing Junkie for great menu plans. Here is mine:


Spinach & Whole Wheat Fettuccine (light Alfredo sauce)

Oven Roasted Carrots (adding in Brussels Sprouts)
Lettuce Salads
Whole Wheat Garlic Bread


BBQ Beef Sandwiches 
Green Beans


Omelets (Cheese & Ham)
Whole Wheat Toast with butter/jam
Cream of Wheat (Farina)


Pizza & Pop


Bean Burritos (for us veggie people)


Corn Muffins
Jello with fruit


On Your Own


Christy said...

We just had chili on New Year's Eve and loved it! Will have to make that more often this winter...

Tell the birthday boy his little admirer misses him!

Emma said...

21 already....
Happy birthday, Josh.


SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Wow very inspiring. My kids are way to picky so it is awesome you are able to make so many changes. We are concentrating on adding more antioxidants to our meals such as blueberries...Hope your son had a wonderful birthday.