Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thankful Thursday - December 3

Oh what a week! December is here already and I'm thinking, "Where did the year go?" I'm also thinking, "I'm sort of glad that it's about gone!"

Last week just about everyone in my family was sick. My husband has carried the tail end of it and is going through a round of antibiotics because of pneumonia. Ick. Hopefully we'll all gain enough strength to push ahead for Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

Tonight I had to give my daughter a mini lesson in thankfulness. At church, where there is a Wednesday night kids' program, someone took Amanda's coat. We went up and down the coat racks searching for it and finally gave up. It was not next to Evan's where it was originally hung and it was nowhere in the church. Amanda had to come home with no coat - and it was in the 30's. Brrrr.

Amanda demanded that I call the police and report the little girl who probably took the coat accidentally, thinking it was hers. It took quite a while to convince my daughter that we could not report this girl. I told her that next week the coat will likely be hanging back on the rack, that either the girl's mother will notice that it is not her coat or the girl herself will get home and find out that, uh oh, her coat is hanging in her closet. Either way, it'll reappear later.

Amanda needs to learn that while we don't have another coat that fits her well, we'll get by with something we have here until we get the other coat back. It doesn't help that this is December in Michigan.

Anyway, I am thankful tonight for these teachable moments - both for me and for my daughter. At first, I was upset that the coat was gone, thinking about how we really don't have anything else. But a few moments later I realized that it'll be okay; we'll make do. 

I am also thankful for friendships that help me get through rough spots. Sometimes things that other people say and do hurt me and I treasure friends who remind me that, "this too shall pass."

I am thankful for antibiotics and medicines that help us to get over severe illnesses such as bacterial pneumonia - it wasn't that long ago that pneumonia was a death sentence.

What blessings are filling your life this week? You can link up your thankful post at Women Taking a Stand.


More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Rita, I am glad that you have friendships that help you get through rough spots. These are so precious Thank God that your family is better now. May God continue to strengthen and restore your family. Praying for your family. May God bless your family abundantly!


Pia said...

that is one lesson not just little kids have to learn. sometimes adults need to be reminded of this lesson too. sad truth huh. the only difference is that adults would take this to extremes.

thank God for friends who help us get by.

God bless your grateful heart, rita.

Serendipity said...

Year end is always a season to be sick, isn't it? Glad your family is getting better now.

I too am thankful for friends. They are such a blessing in our life!

God bless you!

Wendy said...

Hi Rita, I just came over to check out your blog and I love your writing style! ...I'm so grateful for friends, too; they keep your feet on the ground. Oh, I can relate to your story about the coat; been there:) It's just frustrating, but you handled it well. I extend to you congratulations on your writing accomplishment! As a writer "wanna-be" my hat's off to you!

gemini said...

God is good all the time. See my first entry sis.

Denise said...

Bless you sweetie.

shopannies said...

teachable moments are not always easy and yet often very rewarding. God Bless You for having an attitude to teach your daughter about life in such a moment. You will find rewards one day my friend with an attitude such as yours

Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

We've been sick here too, first one thing and then another. That's tough about your daughter's coat...I hope you can get it back.

Karen said...

Oh, I am so thankful for teachable moments each and every day...I have so much to learn...friends ARE treasures...and meds that work are just good, period....