Sunday, December 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - December 14

Before I begin with this week's menu plan, I'd like to ask for prayer for a few things.

A 15 year old boy in our community was injured in a snowmobile/sledding accident last night. He died this morning. Please pray for family and friends of this boy.

Please pray for those who cannot afford to heat their homes this winter. This is becoming an increasingly large problem up here in the north - not good because our temperatures get well below zero quite often in the winter. Please pray for those who cannot afford to buy food as well.

Please pray that we get our car situation worked out. As of tonight, it wants to quit working and we have nothing else for my husband to drive to work - or for me and the kids to go anywhere to which we can't walk. We have no extra money for another car, used or otherwise, at this time.

Also, my son has a heart doctor appointment on Tuesday morning. Please pray all goes well.

Now for the menu. I'm using a box dinner for Wednesday night's dinner - pretend it isn't happening.


Bread & butter
Apple pie (making one for a neighbor so might as well make two)


Chips & salsa


Hamburger Helper

Thursday - Evan turns 16!

Pizza & pop
Chocolate cake



Cheesy Rice (& Chicken for those who eat meat)
Brussels Sprouts


On Your Own

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear, you have a lot on your plate today (figuratively speaking) don't you? I'm so sorry. I will pray for God's peace in your community. Also for His provision. There are so many in need.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Prayers being said for all the things you mention. I know we are personally in some of those categories..
I am doing a boxed meal or two this week also but its a time issue thing. Too much to do not enough time to cook.
Would love to eat at your house Friday night!

Christy said...

Sounds good...well except for the brussel sprouts...but then you know me!

Glad to hear both that the dr. appt. went good and that he will be here soon! Can't wait to see them and don't worry I will be sending cheesecake home for you too.