Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thankful Thursday - October 8

Oh my, what a week!

Today, my eldest shot his car (he's a little red faced about that one). On top of that, his friend died following surgery. This man was only in his 30's and leaves behind a wife and young daughter. These are tough things but, as I've told my son, they are the kinds of things that we all go through as adults. It's still hard but somehow we survive them and grow.

It has rained here literally all week. It's difficult to be upbeat when you're in the dark all of the time. I need sun!

Tonight was Bible study and we had a fantastic study of the parable of the unforgiving servant. (Matthew) As we discussed this passage of Scripture, some things began to click with me. Yes, I forgive fairly easily, but what about those people who are not sorry? What about the times that they don't want forgiveness? How do you forgive then?

I'm going through something like that now. I have been hurt by another person who has not expressed any regret whatsoever. This person does not want forgiveness and, in fact, feels that I have done something wrong - I've searched my own heart and know with complete assurance that I am not to blame. It's hard but I really believe that if I do my part by letting the offense go, by no longer thinking about it and by forgiving in my heart the offender, then I've done what Jesus wants me to do. Whether the person I've forgiven asks or wants to be forgiven doesn't matter any more.


This week, I'm thankful for God's blessings. I've been reading Tammy Trent's autobiography, "Learning to Breathe Again" and it has opened my eyes to the little things that I often take for granted. Life is short - Heaven is forever.

Thankful Thursday is meeting over at Spiritually Unequal Marriage this week. I urge you to visit.


Amy said...

oh that's a hard one and something we most likely face over and over again, best thing you can do and I know it's a cliche is to give to God and pray for that person.

Lynn said...

Hi Rita,

I feel your hurt heart over this person who has hurt you. Cling to Jesus. Hope you have sunshine tomorrow and a day filled with lighthearted joy. Hugs.

Happy TT and thank you for joining to give praise to our King.

BoufMom9 said...

Your post this week is very similar to mine last Thursday... it's so hard to be hurt like that, but the best way to heal is to just let go.
Happy TT!

Denise said...

Praying for you, and your family.

LivingforGod said...

I love what you said, "GOD HAS FORGIVEN ME FOR MUCH MORE THAN WHAT ANYONE CAN DO TO ME!" You did the right thing for forgiving your offender whether that person wanted forgiveness or not.

Hope you have a blessed & bright day in the Lord.

maritz said...

Thanks for sharing. you have a grateful heart my dear.Soar up High for Jesus!

shopannies said...

problems like that are hard to deal with good for you that you found a book to relate

Anonymous said...

To look upon trials of life and be grateful will surely strengthen us when we do. I want to encourage you as I had a sister who completely wronged me due to our mother's dementia-ridden mind. For three years, I prayed for this sister who lives 1500 miles away. I reached a point at about year 1.25 to forgive her and know that I, too, was doing what Jesus desired of me. My heart knew I had done no wrong and that Jesus was with me. God never left me and just a month ago, this sister and I were together and talked and loved one another for a week while she was here visiting Mom. Praise Him that even though she never has said "I'm sorry" I know that God has set me right. You are right... we have been truly forgiven and that is what we need to do when He sets us in that place to truly, truly forgive.
Sorry I said so much, but this is near and dear to my heart. You are in my prayers. ~ linda

Christy said...

Shot his car?!? Boy do I have to hear that story tomorrow...poor guy.

Totally and completely understand the forgiveness issue though and am right there with you. There have been so many hurtful issues between my biological parents and me that I have lost count...but I finally gave them to God and don't have to worry about them anymore.

Pia said...

hi rita. i saw tammy being interviewed at daystar before. her husband died right? her strength in dealing with it was very inspiring.

More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Rita,

It is hard to be hurt in this way and to seek to forgive the offender. But you are right, if you let the offense go, no longer think about it and forgive the offender, then you have done what Jesus wants you to do. He will be pleased that you have followed His example and His Words. May He be your help.

Praying for you,