Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday - October 15

Time for Thankful Thursday already? This week has really gone by fast. Lynn is hosting this week and I  encourage you to visit her blog if you can.

Tonight we went to our Bible study and enjoyed looking at another of the parables. This one is of the persistent widow as presented in Luke 18. Jesus talked about a widow who asked a wicked judge to give her justice against her adversary. The study was good and many opinions were given concerning what this parable means to you and me. The prevailing opinion is that Jesus wants us to pray and pray and pray - without giving up.

After I got home I washed a huge amount of dishes - shame on me for letting them pile up - and I had time to think about that parable. Something kept sticking in my head - the word "adversary." This is what the devil is called quite often in the Scriptures. He is our adversary.

I got out Luke chapter 18 and read chapter 17. Jesus was talking about the end times and His return. Then He goes into this parable and tells them that the Father loves His own. He is not like the wicked judge who gives in simply because he's tired of being nagged. God answers the prayers because He loves us.

What caught my attention was the ending of the parable, "I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly. However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8 (NIV)

Personally, I believe this parable is talking about more than God answering our prayers for whatever it is we want. I think it is much deeper. I think that Jesus is still talking about the end times. We have an adversary, the devil, who is all about taking our allegiance from the Lord and giving it to him. He wants to trip us up. He knows that the time is short. He wants to take as many souls from God as he can before his end comes about. When we pray and pray for justice against the sin and the evil that wants to destroy us, Jesus says God hears us. He's going to avenge. He will answer that prayer. He also wonders, in verse 8, "Will he find faith on the earth?"

This week I am SO thankful for this mighty God who answers my pleas for justice, for mercy, for forgiveness. I'm thankful that, with His answers to my prayers, He keeps "my feet on solid ground." I don't have to worry that I might perish when the end of the world comes about. I don't have to worry that evil might actually triumph over good. I know that God is God and nothing else is.

I've been very discouraged over this past week, but the Word of God spoke to my heart tonight and I am encouraged.


Debbie said...

This was a really good post and really made me think. I agree with you I think it does goes much deeper than just our continual prayer. The enemy is very active and wanting to steal as many as he can. The battle is ever present. We must stand firm and strong. Praise God the victory is His. Blessings to you, Debbie

Serendipity said...

That's true, considering that we are seeing more calamities nowadays. Must continue to keep our eyes on God. Happy TT!

Pia said...

thank you for sharing this, rita. it encouraged me NEVER to give up. thank you.

Melissa said...

"I know that God is God and nothing else is."

Amen! What a wonderful post today! God is in control!

Tammy said...

That's a great concept the Lord has revealed to you. It seems like when we study He's just waiting to enlighten our minds with new and encouraging ideas. Thanks for sharing.
Oh and I'm glad I'm not the only one around who let's my dishes pile up. God bless you.

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Amen. What a great post today. Thank you!

Rocks said...

That's a great post..and I so agree with you, maybe these are the end times but we need not worry because we are saved by God's grace :)and that never will our adversary win.

God bless you!

Denise said...

May your heart continue to be encouraged sweetie.

Lynn said...

Oh Rita,

Your words are powerful and true... You honor Christ in your Tt post.

I love this...the persistent widow as presented in Luke 18.

Whoa... I think there is so much packed into this that it will take me a lifetime to understand this story.

Awesome post Girl. See you again Thursday. Hugs.

Angela said...

amen amen amen sis..I too have been fighting off the spirit of discouragement for the last two weeks,,,praise and glory to God that our Redeemer lives!!

godsown said...

Thanks Rita for your comment.
Was good to read your TT.
Your thoughts confirmed some thoughts i had this evening ( made a post about prayers some hours ago) and stirred me more up....

We serve indeed an mighty God!