Saturday, October 03, 2009

Quick Fix-it's Around the House

Our bathtub faucet was dripping (mostly hot) water and we weren't about to pay $85 and up for a new faucet. My husband found it was an easy fix to replace the broken part without replacing the entire faucet. It cost $20. Here's how.

This isn't so quick, but I need curtains for our living room picture window. I priced new curtains - more than $200 for the size I need. New fabric from Walmart - $120 and up. Hmmmm.

I'm going to use a couple of matching quilts that still have wear in them but we aren't using. Sounds silly, I know. I can sew them up to fit on a heavy duty rod - they match our living room decor pretty well. Won't be the same as store bought or fancy sewn, but they'll do.

Do you have ideas concerning fix-it projects around the house that utilize little or no new parts? I'd love to hear about them.

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Angela said...

Way to go girl. I will be sharing some pics soon of my window treatments..a bed skirt! Yepper,,I got three windows covered from a bed skirt I got for one dollar at a yard sale. I still have some left over too.