Sunday, October 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - October 26

It's time for Menu Plan Monday once again with Organizing Junkie. My eight-year-old daughter assisted me with this plan. I hope you like it.


Shake & Bake Chicken (the mixes were on sale at Meijer last week)
Baked potatoes with sour cream
Lemon-pepper Brussels sprouts (Simple & Delicious Nov/Dec 2009)
Apple Tart (Not sure what recipe to use yet)


Hamburger Vegetable Soup
Small pot of plain veggie soup for my vegetarian son
Homemade white bread


Enchiladas with black beans and corn
Canned peaches


Pizza & pop


Cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham (using hash browns for potatoes)*
 Fried cabbage**


Meat loaf
Mashed potatoes
Green beans


On Your Own

*To hand shred the hash browns easily, bake scrubbed potatoes half-way. Cool and then shred. They don't turn brown this way.

**Fried cabbage is made with cabbage I had taken from my garden, blanched, and then frozen. Melt a little butter in a skillet and fry the thawed and drained cabbage. Season, while frying, with salt an pepper.


Rona's Home Page said...

We've been enjoying cabbage lately. After all, it's inexpensive. My husband sautes it with onion and garlic. It leaves al dente.
Looks like you have a yummy week planned.
Have a great Halloween or Harvest Festival!

Christy said...

Pretty cool menu...taking full advantage of your oven this week huh?!? Great tips too!

Pia said...

my dream house includes having a small piece of land where i can grow greens and eat them. =D

Fried cabbage is made with cabbage I had taken from my garden... --- love it!