Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes Miracles Hide - Save a Life

Last Sunday some people who volunteer at New Life Pregnancy Center spoke at church. I am always amazed at how God works through the everyday person to bring others to Him. Every year about this time, the center asks people to fill plastic baby bottles with their spare change. That money is what keeps the pregnancy center open.

Listening to the testimonies of two single moms who went to New Life and found hope this year, I was reminded of this song by Bruce Carroll. The two moms have normal, healthy babies. Not everyone does. But every person is created in the image of God - we can never forget that.

We aren't to take away a life, no matter if that life is inconvenient or "imperfect."

To quote this song, "Sometimes miracles hide."

Every time I speak about pro-life issues (I am, unashamedly, pro-life), I get hateful comments from those who are on the other side of the fence. For this reason, I am disabling comments on this post. I'm too tired to "take it on the cuff" this week.